City of Glencoe
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Board of Adjustments

Glencoe’s Board of Adjustments:
  • hears and decides appeals where it is alleged there is an error in order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Code Official or Enforcement Officer in the enforcement of the city’s adopted codes and ordinances
  • hears and decides special exceptions to the requirements of the Glencoe Zoning Ordinance
  • hears and decides on variances to the requirements of the Glencoe Zoning Ordinance

The Board of Adjustments meets on an as-needed basis and the Chairman of the Board arranges meeting times and dates upon notice that an appeal, application for special exception, or petition for variance has been filed with the Code Official.  All parties are notified of the date and time prior to the scheduled meeting.

Glencoe’s current Board of Adjustments consists of the following members:
  • Mark Cassidy
  • Jeff Barber
  • Rod Gray
  • Ray St. John
  • Jeff Little
  • Chris Yocum

However, members are expressly prohibited by law from communicating with any party regarding an issue that is to appear before the Board.  All case information must be presented and discussed during the meeting and in the presence of all Board Members.  Therefore, all parties are cautioned not to attempt to contact any Board Member outside of the meeting in which the issue is scheduled to be considered.