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Starting or Relocating a Business in Glencoe

The City of Glencoe is actively working to encourage business development within our city limits.  We strive to provide a business friendly atmosphere.  If you are considering starting or relocating a business within Glencoe, please contact us.  From business licenses to rezoning requests, we are here to assist you in your new venture.

If easy highway and railroad access, low operating costs, skilled and hard-working employees and a great community are important to your business, then Glencoe, Alabama offers a number of dynamic opportunities for success.

The City of Glencoe can be found in the southeastern portion of Etowah County in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, only an hour’s drive from Birmingham and two hours from Atlanta. It is conveniently located on Highway 431 between Interstates 20 and 59.  The Alabama Tennessee Rail Road runs along US 431 providing many sites with rail road access.

While the City of Glencoe comprises 5,100 people, the Gadsden-Etowah County Metropolitan Area encompasses more than 100,000. The workforce is enhanced with training opportunities at Jacksonville State University and Gadsden State Community College. Both of these institutions offer training in a wide variety of skills.

Along with a high quality, skilled workforce, companies locating in the City of Glencoe will find that overall operating costs are among the most favorable in the U.S. Utility and transportation costs are low. Local property tax rates are modest and the State of Alabama offers many incentives to businesses that qualify. Wage rates are very favorable, particularly given the strong work ethic of area residents.

Much of the natural beauty of Alabama shines through in Glencoe. The Coosa River offers sport fishing, leisure boating, and gorgeous views from river front homes. Golfers will love to hear that Glencoe is home to the beautiful Silver Lakes Golf Course which is part of the prestigious Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

Glencoe residents enjoy the benefits of lower costs of living, affordable housing and a strong sense of community.  Award-winning schools and a safe environment make Glencoe an excellent place to raise children. From its beautiful youth athletic facilities to its active Senior Outreach Programs, Glencoe has something to offer everyone.

The City of Glencoe is currently looking to bring in new business establishments in order to better serve residents.  Target businesses would include grocers and household supply retailers, retail chain stores and restaurants.  We would also like to bring in manufacturing and other industrial type businesses in order to provide citizens with more employment options within the city.

Overall, the City of Glencoe offers an ideal location for companies that need easy transportation access, quality labor, available sites and buildings, low operating costs and a safe, friendly community with a high quality of living.  Please contact us to discuss options.  From the permit application to your Grand Opening, we are here to assist you throughout the process.  We encourage you to take the time to explore all of the opportunities Glencoe has to offer.  Or, better yet, come for a visit and see for yourself!  We would love to welcome you and your business to Glencoe.

Demographic Information


Population, 2014                                                                                    5,174

Persons per Square Mile, 2014                                                             322

Persons Under 5 Years, 2014                                                                5.2%.

Persons Under 18 Years, 2014                                                              21.2%

Persons 65 Years and Over, 2014                                                         17.2%

Females, 2014                                                                                       52.6%

Males, 2014                                                                                            47.4%


Households, 2006-2010                                                                         1,826

Persons per Household, 2006-2010                                                       2.67

Housing Units, 2010                                                                              2,270

Homeownership Rate, 2006-2010                                                         84.4%

Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units, 2013                      $112,803

Living in Same House, 1 Year and Over, 2006-2010                             86.4%


Median Household Income, 2013                                                         $48,411

Per Capita Income, 2013                                                                      $23,446

Retail Sales Per Capita, 2007                                                                $2,171

Persons below Poverty Level, 2006-2010                                               5.2%


High School Graduates, persons age 25+, 2006-2010                            84.0%

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher, persons age 25+, 2006-2010                    17.1%


White, 2010                                                                                             95.9%

White, Not Hispanic, 2010                                                                       95.9%

Black, 2010                                                                                              1.3%

Two or More Races, 2010                                                                        1.1%

Hispanic or Latino Origin, 2010                                                                0.8%

Asian, 2010                                                                                               0.5%

American Indian & Alaska Native, 2010                                                   0.3%

Foreign Born Persons, 2006-2010                                                           0.6%


Males (ages 16+)                                                                                    2,129

In Labor Force                                                                                        1,406

In Armed Forces                                                                                        19

Civilian                                                                                                    1,387

Employed                                                                                               1,361

Unemployed                                                                                              26
Not In Labor Force                                                                                  723

Females (ages 16+)                                                                             2,382

In Labor Force                                                                                      1,179

In Armed Forces                                                                                        0

Civilian                                                                                                 1,179

Employed                                                                                             1,115

Not Employed                                                                                          64

Not In Labor Force                                                                              1,203


Workers Employed in Select Industrial Sectors (ages 16+)

Manufacturing                                                                                        476

Retail Trade                                                                                           355

Educational Services                                                                             219

Health Care and Social Assistance                                                       281

Accommodation and Food Services                                                      100

Other Services (Except Public Administration)                                      128

Public Administration                                                                             104

Workers Employed in Select Occupational Groups (ages 16+)

Management, Professional and Related Occupations                          650

Services Occupations                                                                           249

Sales and Office Occupations                                                               739

Production, Transportation and Material Moving Occupations              506

Purchasing Power

Food at Home                                                                                     $8,653,129

Food Away From Home                                                                      $2,881,034

Apparel and Related Service                                                              $2,726,532

Television Equipment, Tapes, Disks                                                   $1,219,327

Audio Equipment, CDs, Tapes                                                              $301,011

Household Textiles                                                                                $184,607

Furniture                                                                                                $844,271

Floor Coverings                                                                                       $86,862

Major Appliances                                                                                   $409,563

Small Appliances and House Wares                                                      $128,711

Computer Hardware and Software                                                         $348,005

Miscellaneous Household Equipment                                                    $624,064

Non-Prescription Drugs and Supplies                                                    $698,055

Housekeeping Supplies                                                                      $1,279,978

Personal Products                                                                                 $674,493

Home Repair Commodities                                                                    $249,222

Total                                                                                                  $21,308,864

For business licensing information, contact City Clerk Tashia Blackerby at City Hall at 256-492-1424 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  She will be happy to walk you through the process and assist you in getting started in Glencoe!

For business location assistance, you can contact Code Official Brian Bramblett at City Hall at 256-492-1424 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  She will gladly show you location options, explain zoning requirements and assist you in bringing your business to Glencoe!