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Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team


The mission of the Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team (CCCT) is to be a support group of dedicated and trained volunteers to serve people in crisis. The Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team will function in connection with the leading office (officer) of the municipality, jurisdiction or community, or his designee, to provide physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual stabilizing assistance to people in crisis. The CCCT will provide chaplaincy services for the employees of the municipality etc. and other law enforcement and emergency agencies. The CCCT will provide chaplaincy services to Public and Private Schools, business, industry, and the community in natural, man made and other incidental crisis as needed.


The purpose of the Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team is to stabilize people in crisis physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.


The Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team will provide trusted and trained individuals in whom employees of municipalities and law enforcement and emergency agencies, crisis workers and those affected by crisis, can confide when seeking or needing guidance, ministry, and support.

City Chaplains

The City of Glencoe will have two Community Crisis Chaplaincy Team (CCCT) Members.

Brother Todd W. Rauber, Sr.

Todd W. Rauber, Sr. is an ordained minister. He has spoken the word of GOD at five churches of four different denominations on several occasions. He is currently a member of Immanuel Baptist Church in Hokes Bluff and is teaching Sunday School and filling the pulpit when and where needed and asked upon. Todd and his wife Theresa live in East Gadsden and have six children and four grandchildren. He is an employee of Glencoe Middle School.

Brother Rodney McGinnis

Rodney McGinnis is the Pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Glencoe.