City of Glencoe
Welcome to Glencoe, Alabama!
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Splash Pad

Glencoe Splash Pad at Wilson Park
313 Nancy Carol Ave.
Glencoe AL 35905

Hours of Operation
  • Mon thru Sat    10AM - 4PM
  • Sun                   1PM - 5PM

Parties Available
  • Mon thru Sat     4PM - 6PM and 6PM - 8PM
  • Sun                               5PM - 7PM

  • Free for all persons during hours of Operation.
  • Parties - $150.00 for Residents, $175.00 for Non-Residents 
  • Splash Pad for 2 hrs & Rock Pavilion
  • You will need to come pay for the Splash Pad Parties before the City can reserve your party date and time

Renovated Rock Pavilion and Metal Pavilion can be rented by Glencoe residents for a $25 deposit, (which is refundable upon clean up of your area) and $25.00 hr for Non-Residents. Can not book Rock Pavilion after 4 PM due to parties.  

For questions or to book a party, call (256) 492-1424.
Splash Pad is permitted......Splash Pad will close September 7th ....