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Planning and Zoning

Many types of inspections are required for work performed within the City of Glencoe.  Though inspections may vary with the type of work performed and the specific job conditions, the general construction inspection schedule is as follows:
  • Footing Inspection – performed after trench is dug and reinforcements are in place and prior to pouring.
  • Rough In Inspection – performed after framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, and rough mechanical work is finished, and prior to insulation and sheetrock installation.
  • Final Inspection – performed upon completion of the project and prior to occupancy.

For repair and maintenance projects, all work must be inspected prior to covering.

Rental inspections must be performed upon change of tenants.  No more than one inspection is required on a property per calendar year.  For example, if a property is rented and after six months the tenant leaves, a new inspection is not required prior to rental because an inspection has been performed within the past year.  Also, if a tenant stays in a property for five years, no new inspection is required until a change in tenants.

Our Code Official makes every effort to perform inspections as soon as possible.  However, due to her busy schedule, last minute inspections cannot be guaranteed.  Failure to request inspections in advance could result in delays in construction. For this reason, all inspections must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.   In order to schedule an inspection, please call Code Official Todd Means at City Hall at 256-492-1424 Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  If you cannot reach the Code Official, you may contact City Clerk Tashia Blackerby.  She will be happy to assist you in setting up an inspection.